Best Dive Bar Orlando: Odin’s Den

What do you get when 3 friends with a lust for beer and thirst for adventure embark on a journey? Thats right, a terror squad of drunks, dropping into in to say hello on the unsuspecting populous. JP, Jimbo, and J-Man out on a mission to conquer all that is smoky, questionable, low-brow, and all too wonderful. The kinds of places where the tall boys are cold and any take home prospect may require a 3 beer minimum and a follow up of penicillin.

This review started out as a trinity of Orlando dive bars, but I quickly realized that out of the many, only one stands out in the crowd. A place that gets my repeat business whether it may be on a Wednesday or a Weekend spot. One has to realize that there are many bars that have suffered from “yuppification” like my old stomping grounds The Copper Rocket and Bar-B-Que Bar. This has been a recent trend in the Metro Orlando area. These fine establishments need to make money to survive, I know this. However, the clientèle has drastically changed and they consider these places a “dive bar,” I see them as a nice place to take a date, go figure. The Matador is about the only downtown bar still “worthy” of my patronage; take it as you will. And yes, I have to give mention to McRaney’s and Tom and Jerry’s as they were our pre-game places and well worth checking out.Though as I thought about this review, I quickly came to the conclusion that they alone or combined, did not have all the elements that make Odin’s Den the official hang out of JP, Chocolate Bear, and crew.

You may ask, “JP what makes a good dive bar?” Simple! Good inexpensive/cheap beer, atmosphere, and of course characters. These combined elements make Odin’s Den, in my opinion, the best damn dive bar in Orlando. This is why…

The Beer List that reads like an epic novel:

On tap…

Beer is served by these lovely girls!

Beer is served by these lovely girls!

NEW!Lagunitas IPA
Blue Moon
Purple Haze
Rogue Dead Guy
Lindemens Framboise
NEW!Left Hand MilkStout
Tennents Larger
Shipyard Prelude ale
NEW!Orlando Brewery’s Old Pelican (seasonal)
Brooklyn Larger
Lost Coast Great White
Stella Artois
Sea Dog Blueberry Ale
Orlando Brewery’s BlackWater
Miller Lite
Bud light

In bottles…

NEW! NEW!Lagunitas PILS
NEW! Delirium Tremors
NEW!Belzebuth 13%
Red Stripe
Amstel lite
Orlando Brewery’s Orange Blossom Pilsner
NEW!Red Bauch
Corona Light
Sea Dog Porter
Mickey’s Grenades
Okocim Mocne
La Fin Du Monde
Don De Dieu
Trois Pistoles
Bud Light
Coors Light
Michelob Ultra
Michelob Light
Miller Lite

In cans…

Miller Highlife
Pabst Blue Ribbon

Atmosphere wise, well this should explain it:

It's always mission accomplished when a funnel is introduced.

It's always mission accomplished when a funnel is introduced. Think of it as team work for the sober impaired.

Yes, if your drinking is slowed down by the traditional can/bottle/glass to  mouth method, a funnel is available to help speed up the process.

Arogant Bastard Ale, my kind of brew!

Arogant Bastard Ale, my kind of brew!

Yes, for all of those that questioned if there really was a beer named after me, here’s the proof…

In a fine establishment such as this, it’s always the Charators that make the place:

We tend to pick up people along the way

We tend to pick up people along the way

The Granted Ink crew is usually present. The blonde is going to fill in my arm!

The Granted Ink crew is usually present. The blonde is going to fill in my arm!

You can't really tell here, but I had my drunk face on!

You can't really tell here, but I had my drunk face on!

So, it needs to be said that we always have a good time at Odin’s. Ha! The even let me do the last call ceremony as I shotgunned a PBR. This is the spot where its warm and inviting. No one knows your name and guess what, they just don’t care either. It’s my kind of joint.

Also, a special shout out goes to Tina from the Bagel King, she totally made the morning after more bareable with her kick-ass breakfast special. Go see her!



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8 responses to “Best Dive Bar Orlando: Odin’s Den

  1. k8

    Drunken fun! I loved the dive bar in the crack neighborhood in downtown Des Moines. It was just like this. And it was dark and I was drunk. Amen.

    They really accept my wild ass behavior here. Now that I think about it, no one even bats an eye…

  2. whats4lunch

    Dive bar reviews, I think you may be on to something.

    I can only write about the things I know.

  3. Oh, I do love a good dive!!

    My S.O. is sXe, so I pretty much quit drinking. Except for the odd cough syrup and paint remover binge, that is.

    Yea, bonus if the place smells of gas!

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