Resolutions are for the weak

Some people are really incessant about really go out of their way to make resolutions for the new year and slowly forget somewhere in April or May, that the calendar never really changed; neither did they. I dislike resolutions, because let’s face it I like perpetual change on a large scale. I like changing jobs, scenery, and gainfully accept my role as a life long student. This year I am expecting to see a huge return on my previous 2008 investment (of which was time and energy), making the 2009’s anticipated outlook quite promising. But, I have to say I hate waiting and I have done my part to make things work. All my friends are quite encouraging that these (life) changes will be great and memorable; however, I feel my patience waining like a crack head looking for their next fix.

Even with these monumental changes (when they happen), I still enjoy the small things in my life, things that have gone unchanged for years. Like my inability to communicate before 10 am, the fact that all things are weighed on a scale of payoff vs. laziness, and my friends (who have been around for 15 plus years). I still obsess how the dishes are supposed to be loaded in the dishwasher and when I get up in the morning, my activities must follow a certain pattern (not necessarily a time table) or else the Earth WILL melt down; this I am convinced.

If I was forced did have to select a resolution I would resolve to do more things that entertain me. Like leave the country for an extended period of time and go kayaking, or try to speak Spanish after a few shots of Beam. Basically, I would resolve to be a better me more entertaining me and hope to find someone or people that will join in on my tomfoolery without bias, resistance, or condemnation. Will you join my resistance movement?



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4 responses to “Resolutions are for the weak

  1. I also have the same exact routine every morning. If I miss a step, I am screwed.

    I am not in to resolutions so much either, but I do have some goals before I turn thirty (2 years and 6 days). It seems more reasonable.

    It is a hard road in the morning and I cannot be responsible for any “accidents” if my routine is interrupted. Also, goals are great. Keeps us fresh and wanting more from life. Go Goals!

  2. k8

    I am absolute routine girl. I can be forced to tears if there’s one slip up. And I never make resolutions. I refuse.

    Stay strong girl! Don’t give in to the non-sense.

  3. Sign me up. I didn’t make any resolutions this year, mainly because I hate to set myself up for disappointment like that.

    BUT if I were to resolve to do something, it would be to stop answering so many questions about my past with “meh, it was okay.”
    I like to go with the response of, “I had to sign a waiver.”

  4. Hmmmm. I think we’re on the same page. Yep.

    Just proves how easy I am, lol!

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