As binding as a pinky swear

With the new year on the horizon, I felt the follow is important to have handy when having others join you at social events. Please note this is an adaptation of a mailer I received from the lovely folks at Camel and can be used for any social situation, not just this evening.

The undersigned agrees that any and all events related to or involving_______________ on the eve of______________ are confidential in nature and shall not to be spoken of to anyone. EVER.

And by “anyone,” I mean any person or persons Not involved, present, or even thought of during said event’s with EXPLICIT emphasis on _______________’s girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife OR authorities of any kind. This also implies your significant other and supersedes all spousal rights.

Acknowledgment of this agreement therefore entitles the undersigned to _____________________.

Failure to recognize this legally binding document will result in_________________seeking compensation in the form of ________________, from the undersigned individual________________.

If compensatory damages are not paid, ______________________’s services will be hired to seek out and destroy _______________’s social and political life/connections in the form of public humiliation and or flogging.

I __________________ Understand that there is no photography, video, or any other recording devices allowed to be present at anytime during the eve of______________. Also, any and all extra persons invited to said event must be agreed upon and cleared by ________________ and ________________.




(For office use only)



Any supporting documentation:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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One response to “As binding as a pinky swear

  1. This fabulous document is going with me, tucked nicely into my sparkley clutch to collect the necessary signatures this evening and applicable both retroactively and in perpetuity. You just saved me a bundle on lawyers fees. Thank you. & have a jolly ring-in of 2009.

    Its my version of an American Express goodwill document; never leave home without it. Cheers, you too!

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