I need coffee

For some reason good quality REM sleep and JP have not been uniting in blissful slumber. This may be due to the tooth still lodged in my jaw bone or the many other issues I cart around on the daily basis. Mounting issues pertaining to a permanent domicile and graduate school have really been knocking me about. However, I have not lost hope and this is the season, to see it come to fruition.

Last Friday I was supposed to have the meddlesome tooth ripped out of my skull, but no such luck. I was trumped by another guy who was more apt to express his pain. It was mellow though, I had the day off and they gave me pills. Sounds like I can roll to the work Christmas party…When I called up my boss to get directions, my co-workers were genuinely concerned about my well being. I have to admit, this through me off a bit. Later that evening I rolled into the gathering to be greeted with a beer I brewed 7 months ago! This is from the same batch I sent to Sam that had been cold aging in his fridge. Glorious! So, not bad at this point and off to the next guys house. This is where it became a bit strange and hokey, yet tolerable in the sense that you will watch Ralphie in the “Christmas Story,” you know familiar but slightly annoying. We went around the room telling stories about our favorite Christmas story all of which were heart warming. Then, out of nowhere, my retired Marine Corp. fighter pilot boss, broke out in tears while telling his story. I honestly didn’t know how to feel. I wasn’t sad, nor was I happy. I actually took comfort in his passion for the story and how it made him feel.

Fast forward to Sunday. I would like to note at this point I dealt with a lot of self inflicted non-sense the night before and I was totally making the effort to be nice to people. Woke up and was introduced to Roomy#1’s new date/interest, who came with her to church. I have serious issues about a “church date,” you are supposed to worship, not fraternize with a potential suitor. The funny part was her friend from out of town crashed at our place because we were out the night before, so he joined her and her date at church. I laughed all day about this. It’s 11 and I am hungry for some shakshuka, so off to see the Hasidic’s. The date joined roomy#1 and I (I was being very nice by the way) at the Israeli Cafe and I was fairly certain he was not used to traveling with our kind; rolling fresh out of Catholic mass to an Israeli joint is common at our house.

It is at the Cafe when I began to understand that it was my mild hangover that was keeping me jovial. Ha! Not for long. I ate this magnanimous dish of eggs, tomatoes, and spicy peppers, thus snapping me out of my spell. This is the time I realized I did not like the new guy. The Cafe is Kosher and they are very strict! The new guy was trying to crack a joke at the expense of the restaurant’s  Kosher standing; I and roomy#1 were pissed. Fast forward..Ditched the douche bag and phoned a friend convincing her shopping with me would be a fun time.

The friend I convinced to come with me (there was no real struggle) is someone I highly respect and care for; probably the most positive influence in my life. After shopping for a bit, I suggested going to the bookstore and she was in agreement. While there we had a discussion about religion and faith spawning form roomy#1’s situation. Then she asked, “if you had to some up the bible in a short summary what would you say?” I responded the only way I knew, “a good read?” I had been caught and she knew it!

There is a reason I feel this person is the most positive figure in my life for one simple fact, she always amazes me with her kindness and generosity. After calling me on my bull-shit answer, we sat down in the back of the book store, bible in hand. In 20 minutes enlightened  me about the story as no one ever has. I was quite impressed, amazed, and thankful. She seriously took the time to read and point out key stories in a sequential order with explanations as I never heard or picked up on. I have to say this may have opened my eyes to something I have always neglected.

For all the non-sense, pain, and tomfoolery that occurred this weekend, I realize that there are good people out there. People the genuinely care about other for no other reason than compassion. Now, lets be honest for a moment, I am not the most outwardly compassionate or thoughtful person. Border line cynical? Maybe. The one thing I realized is that even with all the crazy thoughts running through my head, I still have an open mind. I am still able to surprise and impress myself. I will be honest, I may be warming up to this holiday season after all. But it took the kindness of special people for me to realize this. For that I am thankful.

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  1. This is sweet. I think I once summed up the Bible as “a lot of stuff that I probably couldn’t handle”. Thankfully I’ve never been asked to part a sea, liberate an entire people or turn water into wine. Well, maybe once or twice, but it kept turning into Javex bottle moonshine, so they politely asked me to take my miracles elsewhere.

    I can’t image what I would do if I could turn water into wine. Ah, good thoughts.

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