10 years ago today…

When I was 18, just 10 short years ago today, things were a bit different. Plagued by time, I have been feeling a bit strange. Most would say 30 is that number, but I feel 28 does it for me; so much has happened in a relatively short time. So today I am feeling a bit self reflexive, reminiscent, nay I say nostalgic. Due to this I have been reviewing my past 10 years and decided to do a little list of sorts highlighting my favorite some things from the past 10 years. 

  1. Lived in Australia
  2. Graduated from high school
  3. Surfed everyday possible
  4. Graduated from college
  5. Pissed on both Mexican and Canadian soil (oh yea)
  6. Traveled through the U.K.
  7. Learned how to brew beer
  8. Loved some great women
  9. Lost some great women
  10. Saved (prolonged) many lives
  11. Survived many life threatening situations (really don’t know how I survived, you should see the pics)
  12. Witnessed 3 sunrises in one day (that was awesome by the way)
  13. Got my first tattoo at 18
  14. Have 40+ hours of tattoos at 28
  15. Met long lost family
  16. Lost Buried many good friends
  17. Met and kept great friends
  18. Laughed
  19. Influenced people I will never see again, for the better
  20. Became a Fire Fighter
  21. Molded young and impressionable minds
  22. Gambled and won
  23. Tried things I never would have thought about trying
  24. Work to live, not live to work
  25. Gambled and lost
  26. Surfed in the light of a full moon
  27. Have been to several tropical islands
  28. Went fishing with my grandfather
  29. Have enjoyed the smell of plumerias
  30. Learned to cook
  31. Have seen the dark recesses of man
  32. Earned the respect of my peers
  33. Smile every time my dog greets me at the door
  34. Realize poop and fart jokes never go out of style
  35. Still sexy like a fine wine 

Though this list is not extensive by any means I feel this is a nice recap of things that have influenced who I am today. So, 2 years out from 30 I wonder about many thing; Will I be married, kids, Ph.D., new language (maybe Hebrew or Arabic). Who knows what the next 10 years hold! But if these past 10 are any indictor I am in for one hell of a ride. Either way, I welcome it with open arms, a stiff drink, and a great Montecristo hanging out of my mouth laughing all the way…Cheers!


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2 responses to “10 years ago today…

  1. CB's Lover

    Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you have a great one! You are getting so mushy in your old age. Next time we hang out, a drink on me will be yours.

  2. OH my! That sounds like a date 😉

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