Thats a nice set of cans you have there

Courtesy of www.rep-am.comIn all the great debates of history, I cannot think of one more compelling than Bottles vs. Cans. My sister and I have been arguing for years over this subject. I have made the appeal that cans cool quicker. More accepted at beaches and public parks. Environmentally conscious. Have you ever heard of a “Can Koozie?” Thats right, you wouldn’t be able to encapsulate your favorite brew with your favorite sports team or “where the boobs at” slogan, if it wasn’t for the can. We even have a “can in effect” rule on Saturdays when the Gators play. This is to do with a bottle that decided to go airborne and make out with a t.v. screen. My sister on the other hand didn’t see it my way until about a month ago, due to her wonderful counter argument; “but its in a can!” Yes, a brilliant defense. Strong work sis!

I was sitting in my local watering hole where you are greeted by the thick tar haze of Turkish Silvers and stale ale, not to mention some killer on tap specials. We’re talking a buck for any domestic draught! Are you serious?  Are you trying to kill me? I had like 20 bucks with me this night. Anyways, after becoming a bit lubricated, I asked Benny the bartender if he had anything new in. Sure ‘nough he did. As usual Benny comes through in a pinch, always tossing my palate in a different direction. He goes on to tell me he has a new IPA in, from New England Brewing. Here is where the fun began. Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate canned beer. I know your first though, PBR, Natty lite, The Beast, items of this nature. Cheap beer in a low-brow wrapper. This was true for my sister as well, until the night of enlightenment; hell, even the Frankfurt School had their time and this was mine.

The spark of light was a black can with this anime looking witch on it named “Sea Hag IPA.”

An unassuming looking package, with an easy open top-you know for us Neanderthal types-was cracked and tipped. First drop, I was hooked like a crack head. Being an IPA fan or even border line “hop-head” I was quite impressed. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect, I mean even as a can fan, I had my doubts. Nope, no way, take a hike, get out of town, this stuff is Awesome! All doubts faded as quick as my sobriety. New England Brewery describes their beer as:


“A rich and full bodied Pale Ale with a complex malt character, blended with Casade and Noble hops. The end result is a beer that satisfies the “hop head” out there and won’t chase away the newcomer.”

I would go on to describe this unique package of ale as nectar. Strong and passionate, like a new lovers first embrace. The citrus aroma of the hops and the caramel full flavor backing of the malt makes it a great first tier beer. I would even go as far to say a first round draft pick kind of beer. The kind you might have to make a special side trip for. 

After trying this for the first time I had to tell everyone. But first my sister! Sure enough, hooked! Hooked on a can. Though this is not a new phenomenon among even the most sophisticated palates. People will inevitably be coy with their admission and secret love affair with the can. If this beer does not convert those in denial there may be no hope for them. However, you my friend there is hope. But lets not stop with an IPA, if you are into a lighter more south of the border fare, try Tecate dipped in lime and salt. Or, a tall boy of PBR for those worried about their image. Either direction you swing your bat you really cannot miss with the can.Currently, the only place I have located this vibrant neuroepithelium tickler for purchase is Total Wine. Hopefully the brewery will expand their distribution.  So step out of this “I’m too cool for school” mentality and get back to what made this country great. The can.


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2 responses to “Thats a nice set of cans you have there

  1. The Sister


    As much as I try to outgrow my roots I have to admit that was damn good beer, and I only hope to brew at that level someday. It has changed my perception and I am spreading the gospel

  2. I knew you would come around. Now if I can only get you to come the the cheap side…..

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